5 Tips to make your Workplace Healthier

An average person spends about half of all their waking hours at the office. And along with the pay cheques, stress and unhealthy behavior come for free. These unhealthy habits can be hazardous to your health and inimical for your day to day activities. Hence, it is very important for a person to try and be in a healthy place – whether it is your home or your work space. Here is a list of some simple ways in which you can make your office a safer and cleaner place to be in.

1. Get moving 

Spend less time sitting and try to incorporate mini workouts through your work day. Otherwise, you spend long eight to nine hours in the office daily, sitting for most of the time. This can lead to problems like pain in the shoulders, cervical and various spine-related issues. To avoid these, little breaks in between long hours are very much required.


2. Add a filter

If allowed, install air purifiers or green plants to purify the air in your office. A breath of fresh air goes a long way in benefiting our health and mood. Fresh aroma leads to better creativity and outputs generated. If you’re getting plants, make sure you invest in those that don’t require too much maintenance.


3. Standing desks, anyone?

As mentioned earlier, a sitting at a desk may not seem harmful but it certainly is. Nowadays, there are provisions for standing desks also, as odd as that may sound. Why not try one out? Maybe it’ll help you in the long run…


4. The Zen philosophy

This actually plays a major role in balancing your mind, body and work. From Zen gardens to small vivid libraries, creating a personal space that can evoke your spirit and fill the atmosphere with enthusiasm is essential in a healthier work space. The reason to embrace Zen is to progress towards your goals with a holistic approach. If you have positivity around you, success will become your true companion.


5. A personal touch

Of course, this might not be possible in an office. But if you work at home, why not paint your work space is a vivacious color like green or any bright shade that brings warmth and calmness into the room? Decorating with personal belongings will not just give your workstation an emotional touch but also make the overall aura more productive and refreshing. Add some greenery and create a relaxing zone. It can surely help in making work more comfortable and easy.


Not only will experimenting with different colors add freshness, it will also make you feel alive !


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