AngularJS – Javascript best framework

An open source javascript framework AngularJS is best for developing single page dynamic web applications. It is backed by google and has quickly become hyper star among latest javascript frameworks. Its key features are as follows:


  • focuses on modular code
  • use for two-way data binding
  • in place forms validations
  • MVC nutshell is ready to write code in a clean way
  • test driven development that involves number of unit tests
  • built-in dependency injection subsystem for the developers
  • its directives can extend the functionality and conventions of HTML attributes
  • write less code due to use of declarative interface (HTML), views are already done
  • deep linking so that the application can be restored from the same location through url


It can extensively be used with Ruby on Rails due to both have similarity for test driven design techniques and methodologies. It is also a perfect choice to use and implement when interface is connected with the REST endpoints. The modern trends are following in web application development choosing the Laravel at backend and AngularJS at the front.


It is fast a lot and reflects SPA touch UI for users when interact the interface. Its components are re-usable throughout the application. There are also few disadvantages of AngularJS, first of all if the javascript is disabled in the browser, the user can have only the basic page. However, in the modern web era, it is quite rare to have javascript disabled. Secondly, its all about client side being javascript, security level is low and thus AngularJS app is not fully secure but its combination with REST connections keeps the server present all the times and it can be fully controlled in a secure way around.


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