Desi girls take over: 5 best Instagram looks of the week

This week, we’ve seen some of our own lovely stars rocking some serious trends on Instagram. If you want to shake up your style, look no further than Maya Ali, Amna Ilyas and Hareem Farooq. Then, there are the funky saris worn by Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omar. So, with all these fashion-statements to get …

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Top Pakistani TV dramas

Pakistani dramas have made colossal strides over the last decade, raising the bar for quality writing, innovation and realism. Dastaan Director: Haissam Hussain Writer : Samira Fazal Cast: Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, Ahsan Khan, Saba Qamar, Mehreen Raheel It’s not easy being number 1. Being good is not good enough, you have to be exceptional. …

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