Top Best Shopping Malls in Pakistan

Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi

Dolmen City is the largest shopping mall in Karachi, Pakistan. Located in Clifton it was opened in 2011. Wikipedia
Overall 4.5 Rating out of 11,851 Google Reviews

Emporium Mall, Lahore

Emporium Mall is a shopping mall located in Johar Town, Lahore southwest of Lahore International Expo Centre. The y-storey mall is spread over 1.8 million square feet and is home to over 200 stores and a five-star hotel. Wikipedia
4.5 Rating out of 4,087 Google Reviews

Atrium Mall and Cinema, Karachi

Atrium Cinemas is a movie theater and first Digital 3D Multi-Screen Cinema Complex in Pakistan inside Atrium Mall Karachi. Cinema was opened on December 31, 2010. Wikipedia
4.3 Rating out of 5,285 Google Reviews

Fortress Stadium, Lahore

The Fortress Stadium is a popular open space consisting of shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and entertainment areas and a sports stadium. It is located Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan. Among the likes of M. M. Wikipedia
4.5 Rating out of 2,077 Google Reviews

The Mall, Murree

Murree is a colonial era town located on the Pir Panjal Range within the Murree Tehsil, Rawalpindi District in Punjab, Pakistan. It forms the outskirts of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area, and is about 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Islamabad City. It has average altitude of 2,291 metres. Wikipedia 

Safa Gold Mall, Islamabad

Safa Gold Mall is an upscale shopping mall complex located within the Jinnah Super Market in Islamabad, Pakistan. The eight story shopping mall opened in 2014 and is home to 150 shops, and is also home to McDonald’s, Burger King and the Cold Stone. Wikipedia
4.2 Rating out of 2,496 Google Reviews

The Mall of Lahore, Lahore

The Mall of Lahore is a large, state-of-the-art multi-purpose shopping mall complex in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan consisting of a wide range of designer brand outlets. Wikipedia
4.3 Rating out of 2.586 Google Reviews

Lucky One Mall, Karachi

Lucky One Mall is a shopping mall located in Karachi, Pakistan. The mall is built on an area of 3.4 million square feet and is the largest mall in Karachi. Wikipedia
4.5 Rating out of 6,598 Google Reviews

Park Towers, Karachi

A shopping mall where you can find all the things that you need in your daily life like outlets, meals, wall watches, shoes and others. You can buy each and every thing that you need from any other shopping mall.
3.9 Rating out of 994 Google Reviews

Sitara Mall, Faisalabad

Jan 17, 2017 – Sitara Mall is one of the best place for the shopping lovers out there in Faisalabad. This mal is very beautifully build and the building is also very awesome by its looks. Sitara Mall is the must visited place at least once when you are in Faisalabad city.
4.1 Rating out of 257 Google Reviews

Millennium Mall, Quetta

This beautiful and magnanimous building set in the backdrop of the serene and picturesque landscape of Quetta brings with it the next level of shopping splendour. Glittering as a solitaire diamond set in gold,Millennium Mall is poised to become the one stop solution to all business and shopping activities. 
4.1 Rating out of 562 Google Reviews

United Mall, Multan

Oct 20, 2016 – United Mall is the very beautiful shopping mall located at Abdali Road which is a very famous place of Multan city. This city the beauty of Multan and visited by tourist in huge amount. 

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